Friday, September 23, 2011

Jazz and the strings..

Couple of posters that i did for a jazz concert to be held recently. The first one got approved while the latter one was something that i liked better. The essence of the music and the old posters of the 40' and 50's did inspire me to come up with this one. Do leave your feedback if you come across this blog by anychance..hehe!!


  1. Hey man, came across your blog from Jazzys (U.Chhatri). Really like both the posters actually. The fluidity of the lines and colours work really well, but yeah 'clients' will always go for the one that is most direct. They kind of hate our artistic imaginative capabilities :)

  2. hi..
    this is soumavo ...had seen your work...khub sundor..ebong te posters are really great...we have a soncern over here in 'Kolkata..and we would love to have you with we r developing aur own stuffs..looking forward to your response..:)
    my number : 09007073076